Being a fellow snowmobiler and ski-doo owner, break downs on the trails in the past is the reason for this section to our website.

During these past seven years that C & T Powersports has been making clutch tools and selling snowmobile parts and accessories, we have become very familiar with both the primary and secondary clutches, as well as with other snowmobile parts that are known to wear out or break most often.

Many riders take very good care of their snowmobiles but often neglect what they are not familiar with. Clutches are one of the first things that get little or no attention. Cleaning and maintenance, including parts replacement, can and will add to the great experience of riding your snowmobile.

So... below is a list of snowmobile parts or components or other helpful resources that we are providing as tips or "How To" links in an effort to take the intimidation out of maintaing your own snowmobile.

Primary and Secondary Clutches
Track Replacement

How to Change the Track on a SkiDoo XS Model

Drive Belt
How to Clean Fog from the inside of Gauges