Cudney Racing Clutch Kit for the 600 E-Tec




cudney clutch kit
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The Cudney clutch kit for the 600 Etech consists of a new primary spring, a set of adjustable weights for the primary, a new QRS secondary spring and a new QRS helix. The kit will accelerate the sled quicker, for example in 1/8th mile run the sled is approx. 3 to 4 sled lengths faster than the stock clutching. In the trail when you let off the gas going into a corner it backshifts fast so that when you hit the gas going out of the corner it goes right to rpm. This is a really quick, corner to corner setup. At any mph when you pull the throttles wide open, the motor goes right to rpm and accelerates the sled quicker than the stock clutching. Off trail and boondocking: When you let off the gas to go around an object like a rock or a tree and you get back on the gas, the sled goes to rpm and gets the track speed back up faster than the stock clutching. Typically we see a gain of 2 to 3mph on top end with the clutch kit as well.

The 600 E-Tec clutch kit is designed to use with the 120, 129 & 137 tracks.

Item Number: Clutch Kit 600

Price: $299.99