C&T Powersports - 2010 Secondary Tool Directions `


2010 QRS Secondary Clutch Tool Directions

QRS-2 DIRECTION PICS 003.JPGCAUTION: The Helix is under extreme pressure from the secondary spring. If you are unsure about performing the procedure, get professional help. The Jack Shaft and Helix must be removed prior to using the QRS tool.

 Slide the QRS tool all the way in to the Jack Shaft to where the red line is in the picture.
Note the 2 flat spots on the end of the threaded rod. Using a 3/8 wrench, hold the threaded rod. Using a 3/4 wrench, tighten the chrome nut so that it expands the tool inside the shaft.

NOTE: Make sure that thText Box:  e tool is tight enough and cannot be pulled out of the shaft once the helix is unbolted from the back of the clutch. After the tool is tightened and checked, install the white bushing, the large flat washer and the nut/handle. Tighten the nut/handle until the bushing is pressing against the helix. Once the white bushing is against the helix, it is safe to remove the 4 bolts that hold the helix in place. Once the 4 torx bolts have been removed, back off the nut/handle and the helix will back out of the clutch.

The QRS Tool is preassembled.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to call.   Click here to print the PDF Instructions.

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