Cudney Racing Clutch Kit for the 900 Turbo





cudney clutch kit
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The clutching will capture the gains of any flash from 195 HP up to 240 HP.  We send the kits out with the weight already installed for your particular flash. (Extra weights are also included) Just doing the primary leaves a lot on the table when you flash the sled and that is the reason we address the entire clutching. For the primary we have adjustable weights, a new spring and we also include a set of clicker adjusters so that if you have a day when it is heavy wet going and the rpm isn’t correct it is a 5 minute adjustment right on the trail for the correct rpm, as well we utilize a new secondary spring and a new helix for the secondary. This in combination with the primary and secondary will give you the faster acceleration and more speed than the stock helix and any spring with weights. 

Item Number - Cudney Clutch Kit 900T
Price: $649.95


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