Dalton Secondary Torsion Spring for the Ski Doo 4 stroke models including the Ace 900 Turbo








dalton spring
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This Dalton Secondary Clutch Torsion spring is a direct replacement for the weak factory spring in the Ace 900 Turbo and other 4 Stroke models.
A perfect replacement for stock and tuned 900 Ace Turbo.
Can also be used in the ski doo 1200 secondary clutch.
Black with Yellow/Red is slightly heavier than the older "beige" OEM spring.This spring uses .207” wire.

Spring Rate: 80 lb./125 lb.
Item Number: DPSS-B/Y/R
Price: $35.99



Black with Yellow/Green is a similar design to stock but with .200” wire.

Spring Rate: Black with Yellow/Green 54 lbs/80lbs
Item Number: DPSS-B/Y/G
Price: $35.99






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