Hurricane Tunes for the 900 ACE Turbo







hurricane 175
hurricane 195
hurricane 205



Hurricane Tunes

Hurricane Tunes:

Can be returned to stock.
Knock protection is left as the factory setting.
Eco mode remains untouched.
Standard & Sport mode have the same HP.

175 HP tune adds fuel only.
195 tune raises boost by 2 lbs. 
205 tune raises boost by 4 lbs.

Air/Fuel Ratios with tunes are set at a safer level than the stock motor runs.

Item Number: 175 HP
Price: $485.00


Item Number: 195 HP
Price: $485.00

Item Number: 205 HP
Price: $485.00


The Flash Bundle

The flash bundle allows the customer to choose from the 3 available tunes (175, 195 & 205) and to switch back and forth from one tune to another.

Item Number: Flash Bundle
Price: $485.00


C & T Powersports can Flash your sled by appointment while you wait or you can ship your ECU to us and we will flash and reship the next day.

Shipping & Package insurance included. (US Only)

If shipping your ECU for a flash, Ship To:

C & T Powersports
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Troy, N.H. 03465


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