Clutch Button Deluxe O-Ring Set
for All TRA clutches




Deluxe O-Ring Set
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SKOR2 Deluxe Viton O-rings fit behind the slider buttons to absorb the vibrations and take some of the load and wear off the slider buttons or shoes. These Viton o-rings will hold up better than the imported stockers and the 3 oversize ones keep slider buttons tight. Great for clutches with higher miles or the 800R which likes to hammer these out. Your buttons may be ok but the o-rings will be broken, flattened, or gone. Replace as necessary to keep your clutch tight and prevent excessive wear on other clutch components.

Sold in a set of 6 with 3 std. and 3 oversize O-rings.

Item Number: SKOR2
Price: $8.99



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