QRS Secondary Clutch Tool KIT
2008 to current XP, XM & XS model sleds




sdc 4
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The SDC-4 is for all 2008 to current XP, XM and XS model sleds with the TRA primary clutch. It will not work, however, with the E-Drive clutch. It is everything needed to disassemble BOTH clutches on your sled.

The Complete tool kit includes the following:

Primary Clutch Compressor & Base
Top Gear Alignment Tool
3 Button Retainer Clips
QRS Secondary Clutch Compressor
Clutch Puller Bolt
Clutch Holding Tool
Directions for each tool

Tech support 7 days per week - 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (EST)

"Winter is short. Don't be left sitting on the porch when you should be out snowmobiling. By having this tool kit on hand, you will be able to fix any clutch issues that may arrise.

Clutch work is something that many riders learn, with very little effort.

Below are video links to your clutches, and we answer the phone 7 days a week for those who have tech questions.

Learn to work on your own clutches and stop paying your dealer to do a less than perfect job. We can walk the first timers through this over the phone with very little effort."

Our Clutch tools are all you need to service your primary or secondary clutches - Video

Item Number: SDC-4
PRICE: $199.99



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