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This is an LED light that mounts to the front Bumper of your Ski-Doo snowmobile and is extremely bright. Because it actually wraps around your bumper, it produces forward lighting as well as increased side lighting.

It draws only 5.6 watts (1/2 of an amp.) and includes a fuse, lighted rocker switch and everything needed to install on your sLED, including very simple directions. If you can plug in a connector, then this installation will be very simple for you.

The kit will come pre-wired and you will make just a few simple wiring connections. The directions show you exactly what wire you connect to and where to bolt your ground wire. This sLED LED light can be turned on without running your sled (e-start models only).

The sLED can be left in the on position for 12-15 hours with out running your sled's battery down. 

sLED LED light features/benefits:

  • Increased night time visibility. Increases light output by over 500 lumens.
  • Very durable and reliable.
  • Makes you more visible to other riders.
  • Can be used to provide light in case of trail side emergency. (E-start sleds only)
  • Uses highly efficient led’s. Can be left switched on with sled not running for up to 12-15 hours. (E-start sleds only).
  • Easy to install and comes as a pre-wired kit designed for your model snowmobile.

IMPORTANT: Fits the 2008 - Current XR chassis

Item Number: ES-1
Price: $119.99


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