Catch Can for the 900 Turbo : Catch Can


The catch can works all stock/tuned/flashed 900 Turbo Sleds from 2019 to current, including the 900R & Mach-Z.

Without a catch can your turbo system collects engine oil vapors and recirculates them throughout the turbo system. This allows engine oil to build up in your intercooler, charge tubes and intake filter which reduces your intercooler’s ability to circulate cool air through the system.

Warm air affects the engine’s performance. Think about this:

If warm/hot air wasn’t an issue the manufacturers wouldn’t waste the money adding an intercooler. Once oil enters the intercooler it gets cooled and creates condensation. The catch can stops condensation from going back into your engine oil. The drain hose has a shut off valve so it can be drained into a container.

Remove one bolt to access your sled’s oil filter.

Installation is 20/30 minutes after hood removal.

Complete instructions included.

No drilling or modifications needed.

Item Number: Catch Can