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Joey Parrington, Feb 2, 2023

Great quality tools and parts at a good price. The customer service is top-notch. Shipping is fast and products are packed well so nothing gets damaged. Highly recommend!

Leslie M Hellerstedt, Jan 11, 2023

Excellent products at a fair price. Quick shipping to get project done. Returns accepted cheerfully. Most importantly, call or email Chris and he will personally help you promptly. I have done business with C&T for years. Great business & great person!

Tim Desrosiers, February 14, 2021

Used C&T for the hurricane 205 tune and the cudney clutching, I asked several questions and he didn’t hesitate to anwser, I also bought several tools that are all great quality…. finally got the sled out to test it and it is unreal….. highly recommended C&T for anything he can help you with!!!

Chris Timony, March 30, 2018

C&T Powersports is one of the finest businesses I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Their tools and products are amazing quality and customer service is above and beyond any I’ve ever encountered!

October 10, 2013

I recently purchased some equipment from C&T Powersports: clutch tool kit, hi-torque QRS rollers, and Bearing Buddy. Although I haven’t got the chance to install/use them yet, everything showed up packaged nicely and all the parts look great. Every email correspondence I’ve had with Chris has been great with near immediate responses; last night sent an email at 11PM, had a response before 8AM. In all one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Thank you.

November 29, 2012

I must let everyone know that C&T Powersports(Chris)has excellent customer service and top notch product lines, feel confident, he will stand behind his, or a product line he carry’s. Thanks Chris!!!!!!

Denis M.

I purchased a set of the reversible scratchers from Chris. I had a small issue after install and Chris was eager to help and solve the issue. He and the manufacturer, Rod, were both great to work with. Hey Chris, just got my clutch tools the other day. It was quick shipping (Ontario, Canada) and it was a reasonable price. The tools look good and good quality. Good place to do business with. Thank You


“I would like to say Hats off to these guys. They know what customer relations is about. I ordered the tunnel stiffeners first and they are really a great product and had them in a few days after ordering so i went and just ordered the a-arm protectors and received an email they are on the way. I just wish they sold all doo parts. Being a cat guy and just jumped the fence to doo, I’m really happy to have found a vendor who looks out for all of us. Thank You C & T Powersports!”

27 November 2011

Got my clutch tools from C T Powersports last week, just finished installing my DJ kit, great quality tools and the service was excellent. Thanks Chris


I purchased a brake puller from you guys, service and products are excellent! Thanks

Jason, November 2011 

Last week I ordered the full set of tools to service the Rev clutches. Came in the mail today. Going through everything and I realized I was missing the clutch bolt puller and the retainer forks. Double checked all my packaging and still couldn’t find them so I called Chris up. We went through all that was supposed to be there and how it was packaged and he assumed that something was missed. Said he would get them all in the mail tomorrow. My 2 year old says ‘here it is’, not knowing what he had found. It was the bag with the bolt and the forks in it tucked in behind the booster chair and the back of the chair. I apologized for my over sight and he said not a problem, that is the best news he had heard all day. I know it has been stated before but customer service like this just doesn’t happen that often any more. He was ready to send me new tools with only a couple questions assuming that they had been left out of the package. And then he offered that if I had any problems cleaning my clutches I could call him up. Thanks Chris!

Chris is a stand up guy and takes care of business. Although I had an issue with an order he it took care of it and then some! I would highly recommend! Got my tools from him last week, everything looks good. The shipping to Canada was quick and reasonable. I would buy from him again and have recommended him to friends. Thanks Chris.

Ordered clutch tools for my REV over the summer. Nice nice set of tools I must add of the highlites of me rebuilding my REV was to use your tools. Great stuff. Slapped a Cudney kit in it with ease. Your spring puller gets five stars. And ta think I’ve battled with vise grips and water pump pliers in the past I’ve created some interesting mixes of swear words the old way. I have used the spring puller to pull/install three pipes and silencers so far with the business end still in fantastic shape-excellent quality so far. Plus it’s a piece of cake to do now. One prob – Wish I received the radiation hazard orange color- seriously!! Thanks again, Chris.

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