P Drive Complete Tool Kit-3 Ace : P Drive Tool Kit 3 Ace


The P drive complete tool kit-3 includes everything needed to work on BOTH clutches of the 900 Ace Turbo.

Our P drive kit-3 includes the following:

Clutch Holder
Puller Bolt
Circlip remover/installer
Pin removal tool
Compressor with Base/Nut with handle
T-25 Torx Wrench
Plastic Spacer to support Clutch
2 Large washers for base/threaded rod assembly
QRS Secondary Compressor
Bushing for Compressor

The Top Gear Alignment Tool is not included with the P drive kit 3 ACE. This tool will not work on the 4 stroke models due to the mechanical reverse.
Item Number: P Drive Tool Kit -3 ACE