RideLite : RL-1


The RideLite™ is a streamlined housing of high-intensity LED lights. This light system warns oncoming trail traffic of the riders in your group, eliminating the need to use the unsafe, outdated hand signal system. The group leader and his/her followers all display yellow, while the last rider displays green. Yellow indicates caution, riders approaching while green indicates the last rider of that group. This system also has a hazard mode which is indicated by a flashing yellow.

The hazard mode alerts oncoming riders of trail hazards.

Simply put:

See Yellow – Traffic approaching
See Green – End of that group or riding alone
See Flashing Yellow – Trail hazard ahead or rider needs assistance

Key Benefits


 Keeps hands where they belong – on the handlebars
 Keeps immediate access to the brakes
 Gives rider total control over rough terrain and ice
 New EXCLUSIVE Group Monitoring Feature
 Powered by the off-road vehicle
 Impact resistant
 Trail grooming operators greatly appreciate the warning
 Possible insurance discounts
 Easy system to use and understand
 100,000 hour rated LED’s
 NEW 2-Year Warranty on light assembly
 Can be used as hand-held hazard light
 Quick, Easy Install
 Quick Disconnect Feature
 Help Preserve the Sport

Item Number: RL-1

Optional Mounting System