Ski-Doo Rev Vent Kit : V-REV037BB


Ski-Doo REV Side vents.
– Fits: REV Chassis (2003-2007)

Part # V-REV037BB

Kit Includes:

1- Left side vent
1- Right side vent
1- Clutch side prefilter
20- Large head black mounting
rivets w/ back washers

*Detailed instructions w/pics included*


New Items molded vents for the 2003-2007 Ski-Doo REV chassis. Construction from a high impact thermoplastic precision cut and molded to insure an exact fit to your machine.

– Increased belt life
– Increased engine life
– Cooler engine operating temperatures
– Less chances of overheating
– Cannot be punctured like mesh vents
– Made in U.S.A.